Event Pack Heavy Duty Pro Line

3 Versatile Arches you will be able to do over 20 Shapes of arches in different sizes and shapes .
Heavy Duty is for professional Event Stylists and Each arch Approx. weight is 12000 grams /26500 lbs
Ideal for indoor or outside décor.
Stable and Strong
holds up to 50000grams / 110 lbs/ pounds décor Ideal for  Professionals Florists  Artist and  heavy duty decor.
Recommended by Leading Events Organiser

Hexagon Arch XL
Square Arch XL
Round Arch XL

Include 50 wooden pieces , 3 Bags , 3 Spanners , 3 sets of Bolts and Nuts ( to assemble the Arches) Printed Event Pack Book
A / x 12 pieces
B / x 16 pieces
C / x 10 pieces
Y / x 12 pieces

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