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Build your own weddarch
And take it with you anywhere you celebrate. Our WeddArch is a focus of your celebration.
Easy Folding Arch Hand Carved from Real wood
We let you put in some of your own flair.
We give you the pieces so you can build your unique model of WeddArch.
Only Limit is your imagination
We are a decoration firm that delivers quality and value to our clients for many years. WeddArch in a Bag is our soul project to make your celebration special.
What is weddarch?
We have 2 lines of arches
Heavy duty pro
Every piece is 8cm wide
Excellent for heavy decor and different installation conditions.
Arch Weight aproxx. 12 kg
We have
2 lines
of arches
Standard line
Every piece is 4cm wide
Will be suitable for a small decor and installation in the room.
Arch Weight approx. 6 kg
Which arch do you prefer? 2D or 3D
3D arches made from 2D by using some extra details, that includes 3D package. So you need to know that if you buy 3D package, you can assemble both 2D or 3D arch.
2D arches
3D arches
Which arch
do you prefer?
2D or 3D
Choose form, SIZE AND COLOR whatever you want
We offer all kinds of shapes and sizes, and if it necessary, you can choose the color for the arch to be painted or to leave it natural.
Triangle arch
Round arch
Hexagon arch
Square arch
Rectangle arch
Pentagon arch
Roman arch
drag for more shapes
You may like our exclusive offer — event packs.
Event pack aproxx 50 pieces (mixed pieces you can make any arches as 2D/stand/construction).
we have a special offer for big professionals
we have
a special offer for big professionals
The beauty of the arches is that it could be a very versatile thing. Redecorate the standing arch and it will be ready for another ceremony. We offer a huge selection of decor right in our shop.
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